Computer Games and its positive impact on your kids

How many parents allow kids to play computer games without any restrictions? Definitely not many of us do, but why? We think of the negative impact more than the positive ones. The strain on the eyes when the screen is looked around for hours together, the gaming addiction it leaves, is some of the reasons that we can think of. But beyond all these, do we think of the good things that kids can gain by playing computer games. Stopping your kids completely of these games will lead to a few unexplored parts in the brain. But if you allow them to utilise in a constructive way, may be 30 minutes, thrice a week or twice a week, it is sure to benefit them in many ways. Well, if you are unaware of the benefits and good uses of computer games, we suggest you know them. We are sure this will make you re-think your decision.

Develops Creativity and Problem-solving skills

Computer games are said to develop creativity in kids. It is said to improve their imagination levels and problem solving ability. In games, they need to think on how to earn points, defend, attack the enemy or target, which helps in improving their skills. There are memory games, doodles for younger kids and other games for teens are seen in improving their overall brain functionality. Isn’t that great news, for all the parents, to know that the kid’s brain is working far better and they are developing skills not just required to play games, but to use them in their daily life too.Find more about Counter Strike Global offensive .

Friends and games

It is observed that those people involved in games tend to make newer friends faster. There are many guys out there, just like them and they become friends. Isn’t having a friend a good thing? Yes, it is! Moe the friend’s better learning curve for your kids. Gaming becomes an activity for getting social. Conversations for them, especially boys, begin with games, and then friendship develops. It is better that they talk about something useful and better and not about other unwanted stuffs. In fact, when they share with friends they will learn many things from others which will help your kid. So, if your kid doesn’t seem to have a friend, give them a basic game to play, teach them, then take them out to the neighbourhood and see how they attract people!

Games tend to bring out the competitor in them

We know it doesn’t sound good for parent’s obsessed with studies. But chill, you want your kids to achieve or excel in one particular thing, right? Why can’t that be in gaming? The now a gamer, will eventually lead to game developers and that’s how the career begins. We know it doesn’t suit for many of us, but why don’t you give them a chance and support to see! They love to compete in games with their peers, their classmates. Even the shyest kid would participate. And for those kids, who aren’t good at sports or other activities in class, this definitely is a way to show their talent, build up on something creative and make a place for them.

Past connection with games

We meant about our past, past of the earth. Yes, with games that pertain to age old history and that culture, it gives them an interest to love the ever-boring history subjects and topics. We hope you know that there are many games based on the past history, those games are said to encourage kids to learn more about our history and curiosity increases. What better way you want them to remember dates and other boring topics in history?

Gaming improves Physical Activity

Who said games makes kids less active? Well, to all that, we have seen and read that kids who play computer games are more involved in physical activities. The reason is simple; they want to try those new moves they learnt in the new game. Basketball games, football and all such video games encourage kids to learn new techniques. These techniques needed to be showcased to their friends and kids surely will run out and play. When playing outdoor is healthy, the motive starting from indoor is also equally healthy.They say, ‘An Idle mind is a devils workshop’ and the busiest person is the happiest person on earth- all these were told by experts. So see how you would want your child to become.


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