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Please see how you can help your kids and yourselves, in letting them play games, up to a limited period, use the time in a constructive way. We can help you, if you would like to. Please never make assumptions for yourself and don’t think that when kids play games, they lose interest in other things.Encourage them in such a way that, they must know their limits and utilise constructively. It is seen that when you withhold kids too much, they tend to expand beyond our imaginations. So, why do you give them a chance to explore the wrong way, give them the required guidance! Have parental control over your internet contents, so that they aren’t allowed to access crappy things.

There are many games, which are really helpful to shape their brains, train them to be useful. There are many games which involve too many calculations. So you search the better ones, and allow them to play those games. They would be surprised to see you supporting, and will surely learn better. When we elders try to see the positive side of things, only then even our kids will practice it. If you start with negativity, that will continue. Do some research about best games, talk to them about those games, you will amazed to see that they have whole sea of information that you were really not aware of. When you open about the gaming, you will also learn the unknown things, better. And it will add up to your time with your kid.

Yes, we agree there are many games which are really not so good and healthy, so better you filter out, before your kids reach to it. Give them wise options. And such active kids will be active outdoors too. Take them skating class, basketball, and see how well and quick they master.


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